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My Object is invisible !

  • Try to set material opacity value to 1


  • Also make sure your textures are correctly mapped, see Texture slots: on this page
  • Delete your .mesh file then re-export

I have an error when trying to export an object from blender


  • Most of the time, this error popup when you try to export an object that doesn't have any material applied on it
  • If all your objects have material applied and it still popup the error, report it on the forum

There are dark areas all over my object

  • This is because your object has "smoothing", to solve the problem, you can use "Edge Split" Modifier in blender before exporting
MaratisSmooth2.png MaratisEdgeSplit.png
Smooth Edge Splitted

sidenote : Modifiers dont need to be applied, you can just enable it, then export your mesh.

warning, Edge split will dramatically increase your vertexes count.

To remove Edge split, in blender, go to Edit Mode, press "W" to popup a menu, then select "Remove Doubles"

Can i make my objects semi-transparent ?

  • Yes, export your object with these settings (for example) :


sidenote : opacity value can be animated

My object origin is messed up!

The object origin in maratis = center of the scene in blender


My transparent texture isn't transparent !

Make sure you have the correct settings, see Blend Modes

My normal maps looks weird !

  • Make sure you are on Standard render in the top bar


  • Make sure you textures are correctly mapped, see Texture slots: on this page


If i create more than 4 light sources, they are not lit. Why ?

  • For now, the engine uses the 4 nearest light for each sub-mesh (or each object). for more details see this page

Can i play videos with maratis ?

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