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The Maratis wiki does not allow for uploading files directly to it. Instead we have to use a third party hosting service so that they can be linked from the wiki.


To share images and other files publicly with Dropbox create a Maratis directory in the Dropbox/Public directory of your Dropbox account. Upload the image you wish to link to into it. Select the image and choose "Copy public link..." and the public link will be displayed in a pop-up.

Google Drive

To share images and other files publicly with Google Drive create a Maratis folder in your Drive account, right-click on the folder and select "Share". Set the share option to "Public" and copy the id value in the public folderview link. To link to the folder, or rather anything publicly shared in it, use the following URL by replacing <id> with the value:<id>/

If the public link to the folder view is:

Then the public hosted folder becomes:

And anything in it can easily be linked to:
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