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Class used to manage script functions virtually.



virtual MScriptContext::~MScriptContext(void)


virtual void MScriptContext::runScript(const char *filename)=0

Run script.

virtual bool MScriptContext::startCallFunction(const char *name)=0

Start call function.

virtual bool MScriptContext::endCallFunction(int numArgs=0)=0

End call script function.

virtual void MScriptContext::callFunction(const char *name)=0

Call script function.

virtual void MScriptContext::addFunction(const char *name, int(*function)(void))=0

Add script function.

virtual unsigned int MScriptContext::getArgsNumber(void)=0

virtual void MScriptContext::getIntArray(unsigned int arg, int *values, unsigned int valuesNumber)=0

virtual void MScriptContext::getFloatArray(unsigned int arg, float *values, unsigned int valuesNumber)=0

virtual const char* MScriptContext::getString(unsigned int arg)=0

virtual int MScriptContext::getInteger(unsigned int arg)=0

virtual float MScriptContext::getFloat(unsigned int arg)=0

virtual void* MScriptContext::getPointer(unsigned int arg)=0

virtual void MScriptContext::pushIntArray(const int *values, unsigned int valuesNumber)=0

virtual void MScriptContext::pushFloatArray(const float *values, unsigned int valuesNumber)=0

virtual void MScriptContext::pushString(const char *string)=0

virtual void MScriptContext::pushBoolean(bool value)=0

virtual void MScriptContext::pushInteger(int value)=0

virtual void MScriptContext::pushFloat(float value)=0

virtual void MScriptContext::pushPointer(void *value)=0


MScriptContext is used to manage script functions virtually. Custom functions can be declared during a plugin initialization in c++, you can send values to the script context using pushInt, pushString, etc,and get arguments from a script call using getInteger, getString, etc.

#include <MEngine.h>
#include "MyPlugin.h"

int myFunction(void)
    MEngine * engine = MEngine::getInstance();
    MScriptContext * script = engine->getScriptContext();
    script->pushString("Hello World !");
    return 1; // return 1 because the function is sending 1 value to the context (use 0 for none, 2 for 2 values...)

void StartPlugin(void)
    MEngine * engine = MEngine::getInstance();
    MScriptContext* script = engine->getScriptContext();

    script->addFunction("myFunction", myFunction);

In Lua the function will be used like this:

text = myFunction() -- "Hello World !"
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