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  • Read all topics in all sections of the forum:
    1. Engine section done!
    2. Off-topic section done!
    3. Editor section done!
    4. News section done!
  • Get more content into wiki
  • Create an Android build:
    • Bullet done!
    • FreeType done!
    • Lua done!
      • With a small patch, updating to latest version will not fix the problem.
    • NPK done!
      • With a small patch to current version, should be updated to latest version instead.
    • TinyXML done!
    • MaratisCommon done!
    • MaratisOpenGLES done!
    • MaratisWavSound done!
    • Need to build the MaratisPlayer as a shared lib
    • Option 1: Need to write an Android app that loads the MaratisPlayer lib via JNI
    • Option 2: Or just go native and write the whole app in C++
    • Add build for OUYA as option
  • Dependencies:
    • Replacing DevIL with "native" image loaders (we already have libjpeg and libpng as dependencies) done!
    • Loading precompressed S3TC textures (DDS files) directly.
    • Replacing libsndfile with "native" sound loaders using libogg, libvorbis and libvorbisfile done!
    • Look into streaming playback of ogg vorbis and ogg theora files.
    • Replacing OpenAL with OpenAL-Soft done!
    • Look into LuaJIT
    • Switch to SDL2 (to get force feedback, game controllers and simplify cross-platform support)
  • Build system:
    • Test CMake build system with Visual Studio
    • Create a crosscompiled MinGW build for Windows
    • Create a crosscompiled ARM Linux build for e.g. Rasberry Pi.
    • Add regression tests
  • Assorted ideas:
    • Profiler
    • AI engine infrastructure
    • Navmesh (via Recastnavigation)
    • Console/CVars/Commands
    • Entity scheduling (like in Quake/Source)
    • Networking (via ENet)
    • Automatic LOD (like in Torque3D)
    • Terrain (via PolyVox)
    • Water
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