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A general Maratis road-map in order of priority :

General Roadmap

  • Documentation (wiki in progress)
  • Desktop publishing : editing window's title, default screen size, game properties...
  • Additional Lua script functions (see forum)
  • Multi plugins system
  • Additional behaviors, simple AI, ready-made player moving (3rd person, platform...)
  • Animation Blending & morping
  • Better normal map (invert map)
  • Simple solution for LOD (multi-object ? behavior ?)
  • Android tests
  • Post-effect menu in editor (in camera), default list + custom shader loading
  • Complex AI (auto path generating(detour ?) & path finding, blur logic ?)
  • Physics improvement (vehicle preset)
  • Editor improvement, material editing inside Maratis, animation...
  • Default network engine (eNet, kNet, Raknet, boost.asio, ... ?)
  • Web publishing

Experimental Branch Roadmap :

  • Premake4 Build System or CMake ?
  • Move Maratis Editor to MGui.2
  • Minimal image processing library (in progress)
  • Software rendering for light-map generation (raytracing)
  • Multi-threading design
  • Port player to javascript and WebGL using emscripten

Interface mockups

This section is to submit different propositions/fake screenshots of maratis editor. this would serve as a study of future possible evolution, or even comparaison with other softwares.

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