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Main features

  • Editor based environment
  • Light and powerful Engine (MCore + MEngine), portable, both previous and next generation (fixed pipeline and shader based pipeline)
  • Per pixel lightning, custom shaders (GLSL), normal map, dynamic shadows, animated meshes...
  • Blender exporter, native mesh format with animation (materials, textures, shaders, armatures)
  • 3d formats import through Assimp (Collada, OBJ, MD3...)
  • Multilayered uvMaps (custom multitexture, baked light map, etc)
  • Bullet physics, 3D sound, font system (can load TTF)
  • Standard image and sound format (TGA, JPG, PNG, WAV, AIF, OGG…)
  • Lua scripting language
  • C++ SDK


  • Simple and intuitive editor, what you see is what you get
  • Plugin system
  • Scene and objects edition
  • Undo / Redo system
  • Play testing (play the game inside the editor)
  • Very powerful Behavior System
  • Automatic assets updating (for meshes, textures, shaders, sounds, etc)
  • Automatic Packaging and publishing (using npk)


  • Simple and clear C++ code, portable
  • Used as the main SDK
  • Virtual contexts and loaders (graphics, sounds, file formats)
  • Virtual renderer system (fixed pipeline, shader based, custom)
  • Data managment (Static and Dynamic)
  • Virtual Game class System (to focuse on game code or to cutomize the game pipeline)
  • Support embedded systems (OpenglES, iOS...)
  • and more...
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